Monday, November 29, 2010

My Buddy

Senior Year, the last dance...Who to take??? None other than the studliest man in school...

Mr Buddy Adams.

I love this boy we are the best of friends and always ALWAYS will be!!

Thanks for making it one of my favorite nights of High School

Love ya Bud

The theme of the dance was to dress up as celebrity couples

Buddy said their was no other way to go but AnchorMan..and so we did :)

See any Resemblence?

Not Too Shabby?!?


Fishy Funeral

Poseidon my sweet friend of almost 2 years has passed on, we were really close and I loved this little guy!! He's passed through the Toilet Bowl after life and I realize that he's in a better place called Fishy Heaven...You will be missed Buddy!
Toilet Paper Reads: He lies Poseidon.
The best fish I ever had
He loved to
Swim and Eat and
Play on his
Plastic Coral
Bye Bye


Sunday, July 26, 2009


From left to right (Hippie Aunt, the V-neck Aunt, and the Author)

Bear World was pretty durn cool!!

V-neck, Fabulous Gma and Me

This is Hippie Aunt's wilderness cafe', it was absolutely delish!!

We ate here every morning, I miss it SO much

These parfae's were THE greatest ever,

homeade granola+fresh fruit+FAB yogurt=pure BLISS

This was the Highlight of my summer. I loved hanging out and being with some of my favorite people on this planet it was the bomb!! Driving for 12 hrs straight makes you pretty close, we talked and laughed, it was an incredible week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The only unsinkable ship is FRIENDSHIP

We had a MAJOR girls night, and went all out with TONS of junk food, tissues and OODLES of chick flicks. It was just what the doctor ordered! I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!
"Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us."


These are my girls through thick and thin, summer or winter, we're always gonna be there for each other no matter what the time or place. We are very tight knit but EXTREMELY different, if you were to mix us all together you'd get the perfect woman. I love all my girls to the bitter end and I will always be here for you.

Just a side note...We didn't pull the camera out till sometime after 2am, PLEASE understand that HAHA

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tricycle Pride

Life is a STORY and you are the AUTHOR. The characters in my story are quite simply the best of the best! As my story unfolds on this blog you will get to know my world and the adventurer's that inhabit it.
Meet Jeff, he is the Smiley face/innocent/gentleman of the crew
Layne is the Comedian/Free Spirit/Goofball
And Ryan (Ry Ry) is the Thoughtful/Planner/Self Controlled one
that makes
all our fun
actually happen

And me, the author...I would say I'm the Gypsy/Kid at heart and
I bring out the Crazy Best sides in them,
sides they might not know they had.

Together we make up on of the Greatest Bunch of Friends you'll ever meet. Better known as
TRICYCLE PRIDE. These are my boys, the ones I can go to for anything and they will be there to watch chick flicks, roast marshmallows, work on cars, or beat up anyone who messes with me. I adore you all and our wicked sweet friendship!
You will meet more of the Adventurer's in my story in later chapters, keep reading to find out who we'll meet and where the wind will take us.
That's all for now have a great weekend!!!

Good Friends and Good Drinks

(From left to right) Journey, something Japaneese that I forgot how to spell, Lilikoi, kiwi Martini, and a Shirley Temple.
I am on a quest to find the best drink this world has to offer so me and my friends went out for a night on the town to try some drinks.
Jeff is in blue and Layne is in white, I promise it was
100% non alchololic!
Kirstynn is in Pink, she's been my best friend since diapers

Good Friends and Good Drinks is the perfect combination
We heard about this place called spArk it's a restaurant/lounge with the greatest ambiance.
I loved the set up and the drinks were so yummy

Me and Ryan...can you find Jeff????

Here's another view just to show you more of Layne's personality.
What a great night out with some of my very favorite people on this planet!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing in the Shadow of a 7yr old

Summer is here and My BEST Girl in the world came over for a play date. As we sat around talking about the days of side walk chalk and otter pops we decided we needed to go out and relive the glory days. We then realized we needed a tour guide for the day and who better to help remind us how to be carefree than my baby sister Journey.
So it was off to Wendy's and then to the local park, we followed in Journey's shadow as she led us up and down the playground. It was so nice to just play and be a kid again, without a care in the world! What a wonderful day with my two favorite girls...let us never let go of our childhood.